Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.

Seafood Processing Dual Education and Training (DET) Pilot Implementation

2022-07-21 @ 9:00am
2023-01-31 @ 9:00am

The Seafood Processing DET pilot program will run for 6 months where learners will undergo in-school training and in-company training aimed to produce trainees/graduates as Seafood Production Workers and Quality Inspectors with partner academe Salazar Colleges of Science and Institute of Technology (SCSIT) and University of Cebu (UC) mainly UCLM campus for the in-school training, together with partner companies, Central Seafoods, Inc., Phil-Union Frozen Foods, Inc., and Siargao's Bounty Seafoods, Corp where the learners will undergo the in-company training. 

DETencourages students to study in the classroom and the workplace. The DET strategy optimizes learners' capacity to develop in-demand skills vital for the labor market while adequately preparing them for instant employment.

DET encourages the growth of a trained workforce that can fulfill the demands of the job market. Workers with higher levels of education have a greater chance of getting work. A competent workforce boosts a country's economic competitiveness, attracting more investment and supporting job development.

DET benefits the companies, the schools, and, importantly, the students. The program helps the company boost its production by having a well-skilled workforce. Moreover, it increases the worker-retention rate, saving recruitment time and expenses.

Meanwhile, DET helps the schools maintain and update their curriculum and aids resource optimization. The school also receives regular feedback from the industries, ensuring that they teach the right skills based on the training plans.

For trainees, DET boosts their confidence by providing social and personal skills. In addition, the program exposes the trainees to real work-life situations where they learn market-oriented skills. Also, the trainees have a higher chance of getting a job after their training and better chances of getting promoted and earning more.

DET is one of the best solutions to address lack of education, unemployment, underemployment, and thus poverty.

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